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LedgerGurus Story

LedgerGurus story starts with the founder, Brittany Brown, and her journey from single mom to CEO. At 26 years old, Brittany found herself a single mom with an associate’s degree, a small amount of retail experience, and the more-than-full-time task of raising three kids under the age of five. Through true grit, she went back to school and earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting from BYU. Following graduation, her job experience included working at KPMG, Squire, and as CFO for a local construction company. Brittany soon found love again and married Stephen Brown, had two more kids, and was loving life at home while also working as an outsource CFO. In her words, life was fun again. Yet another big change was still in store.
Brittany dreamed of providing a flexible work environment for highly skilled employees. She knew there were many who needed the opportunity to work from home just like she had wished for as a single mom. While attending an accounting conference in 2014, she realized that outsourced, virtual accounting was becoming popular. This fit Brittany’s desire for the ideal work environment. She also saw the need for good accounting in smaller businesses. It was at that time she had the spark of idea that became LedgerGurus: flexible work environment and a passion to help small businesses succeed and grow.
In order to make a virtual business successful, Brittany knew that technology would play a major role. Fortunately, Brittany’s husband, Stephen was the perfect fit. His background was in software, having experience in management and business positions as well as engineering and sales roles. Having also led a small software startup, he appreciated the importance of good accounting. For many months, Stephen helped out on the side, handling the technology piece of LedgerGurus. It wasn’t long though, before he left his software career behind and joined Brittany full-time to grow the business.
Fast forward a few years and much has changed. Brittany, CEO, and Stephen, COO, are now partners at LedgerGurus and both are fully committed to managing and growing the business full time. With dozens of employees, they serve and support even more customers. With incredible growth, an amazing team, and awesome customers, LedgerGurus is driven to help businesses achieve their goals as their virtual, outsourced accounting department.

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