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Bill Pay

Quit stacking up bills and pay wisely.

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Stacks of paper on a desk or emails in an inbox are not the best way to get bills paid. We use industryleading solutions like Bill.com to automate Bill Pay.


Fraud happens and bill pay is the most likely place. Our approach provides human and technology controls to minimize the occurrence of fraud.


Bill pay is more than quickly paying upon receipt. Everyone has cash gaps and we have experience planning payments to align with cash availability.

Bill Pay Details

Poor bill pay can break a business or the person who is in charge. We automate the bill pay process with Bill.com integrated with your accounting software so bills are paid when needed. Fraud most often happens during bill pay and our approach involves at least one bookkeeper and an accountant, both backed by our supporting LedgerGurus staff which provides controls to limit fraud. Finally, bill pay can be a strategic part of cash flow planning. We have experience timing bills to align with receivables so your business makes it through cash gaps that occur from time to time.

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