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Cash Flow Management

Optimize your most critical resource.

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It can be better to have too much cash than too little, but ideally you want to optimize for current and future needs.


It is hard to prepare for an uncertain future. We help you plan for future risks or opportunities.


Be ready for the future, good or bad, so you can keep business viable and moving forward.

Cash Flow Management Details

Cash flow management can be the most critical financial activity a business does. Not enough cash can mean the end of a growing business with good sales. Too much cash may indicate a loss of opportunity for further growth. LedgerGurus’ cash flow management service helps customers optimize this critical resource by predicting future shortfalls or surpluses and making plans to address those issues.

Optimizing cash results in ongoing business viability, smart hiring, limiting layoff, maximizing returns, and better profitability. It should be a fundamental practice of any business, but requires financial and accounting sophistication that many business leaders don’t have or don’t have the time to do themselves. Our experts can help here.

Predicting future cash flow issues comes with forecasting and budgeting. With these predictions, you will have a sense of future scenarios and trigger plans when needed.

Plans for cash shortfalls or excesses will get a business through the lean times and accelerate in the good times. Shortfall plans might include lines of credit or additional financing for short term gaps or expense reduction for ongoing future deficits. Surplus plans might be strategic hiring or investment in equipment to keep the good times rolling. LedgerGurus can help you develop plans for either scenario.

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