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Financial Controls

Avoid financial abuse

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We use personnel, technology, and process to protect the integrity of your financial information..


We regularly review our work internally and with our customers so you can have trust in everything we do.


No employee is an island at LedgerGurus. Every customer engagement has oversight to ensure finances are properly managed.

Financial Controls Details

Many small businesses run into problems when financial controls are delegated without checks and balances. We believe in a healthy separation of duties both between us and our customer and within our company to ensure that finances are never abused. This means that we avoid having full control of customer finances giving you protection from abuse. We can likewise work with your financial operations structure to provide accountability and checks to minimize fraud or abuse.

Our model is to have at least two team members on every customer engagement providing oversight and cross-checking on the work that is being done. Regular reviews are performed by management to ensure accuracy of our work. Additionally, we are committed to operational, technology, and personnel controls that ensure that our work is trusted.

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