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Financing Preparation

Be ready for funding.

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Have the information and answers for investors or lenders that you will pursue to fund your business.


With other financial operations in place, streamline the arduous financing process.


Understand the impact of taking investments or loans with respect to cash flow or owners’ equity.

Financing Preparation Details

Financing is a critical activity to get the funding necessary to grow or sustain a business. Whether it is venture capital, a bank loan, or working capital, lenders will want to explore financial details and have a clear picture of whether a business is ready for funds. LedgerGurus’ financing preparation service is a culmination of all other financial and accounting activities to help businesses be in the best position to get the money they need.

Most business leaders don’t know if they are ready to seek funding, but we can help. We know what lenders and investors are looking for and can tell you what you will need to do from a financial perspective. If they don’t ask you about your financials in the first conversation, it will soon follow and we can help you have answers.

With our other services, we can make sure that the financing process is as efficient as possible. There are many activities and requests for information that are streamlined when we are supporting a business during this process.

Finally, we act as an advisor to help you understand the financial implications of an investment or loan. Not all investors or lenders are equal so we can help you understand the financial terms and their impact to your equity or future cash flows.

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