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Intelligently predict your future.

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Intelligently plan your business’s financial future with an understanding of how sales and expenses can unfold.


It is hard to prepare for an uncertain future. We help you plan for future risks or opportunities.


Financial discipline is built, in part, on predicting the future with understanding of past results.

Forecasting Details

Forecasting is a prerequisite activity for budgeting and requires an understanding of historical financial activity. LedgerGurus’ forecasting service helps businesses become strategic with their finances, proactively plan for risk or opportunity, and install a discipline for future financial execution.

Many businesses are reactive in nature. With critical financial activities streamlined (such as payroll, invoicing, bill pay, bookkeeping, financial statement analysis, etc.) a business can become strategic by planning the future. This discipline enables a business to start looking ahead and not just at the present or the past.

Forecasts can expose future risks or opportunities and enable business leaders to prepare accordingly. Risks, such as a future temporary cash shortage, can be identified ahead of time to mitigate such risks via financing or other activities. Opportunities such as sales seasonality can be exposed for timing of hiring to maximize labor.

With this future vision comes a discipline that dictates the way capital is planned, spent, collected, and utilized. This discipline helps a business move ahead, minimize market disruptions, and accelerate profitability.

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