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Income Tax Preparation

There is more to taxes than file your return.

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Tired of the annual scramble? Be ready to go at the beginning of the year without wasting time gathering information.


There is more to filing taxes than the annual filing. Work with us to get your tax reports out on time.


Well-prepared books results in lower cost of filing your tax return and a minimal tax burden.

Tax Preparation Details

When most businesses think about taxes, they think about the filing they must do every spring. What they miss is all the work that goes into getting the filing ready. With LedgerGurus, we can work with your existing tax accountant or recommend you to one of our trusted partners. Our goal isn’t to do the filing, but to help you get ready for the filing where so much time is lost. And where is that time lost you ask? Let’s count the ways:

  • W-2 Filing: W-2 reporting is usually done as a part of payroll solution and we can make sure that you comply with the filing requirements.
  • 1099 Filing: While W-2 reporting is relatively easy, 1099 filing can be a nightmare if your books aren’t in order. We can help you with your day-to-day bookkeeping during the year so you have the information to easily submit your 1099s. If your books aren’t in order, we’ve done lots of 1099 fire drills and can help you gather the information to get them out on time.
  • Closing Books: If you talk to most tax accountants, one of the biggest challenges is messy books, piles of receipts, and missing information. These challenges usually result in an expensive tax filing cost and loss of tax deductions. In addition to maintaining books during the year, we can close them up so your tax accountant can easily file your taxes and minimize your tax burden.

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