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Turn sales into cash.

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Quick invoicing turns sales into much needed cash to keep a business running.


Customers want accurate details on what they bought and what they owe.


Automating invoicing minimizes the time it takes to convert sales into cash.

Invoicing Details

Often, business leaders are so busy selling and running their business that invoicing is late or inaccurate. Sales are great, but turning sales into cash is dependent on timely and accurate invoices. With LedgerGurus, we can ensure that your sales are recorded and quickly turned into detailed invoices so your customers can pay you. Our approach is to leverage much of the automation in QuickBooks Online or other specialized solutions so the entire process takes a minimal amount of time and effort. Using these platforms, the process of notifying, reminding, and facilitating payment is much easier than printing, mailing, and running to the bank when checks come in.

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