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Key Performance Indicators

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These metrics can be used as simple steering wheels for making quick adjustments to business operations.


Key performance indicators simplify complex information from business operations for quick understanding of business status.


These metrics not only represent a status, but can indicate boundaries for when something is about to go wrong.

Key Performance Indicators Details

Key performance indicators or KPIs are useful for small and big businesses alike. Done properly, they accurately represent the status of financial and accounting operations. KPIs can be used to quickly control a business, simplify complex information, and act as boundaries for when to make immediate changes.

It may be difficult to think that a simple number can be used to quickly control a business, but KPIs are no simple numbers. Employee or equipment utilization is an example of a KPI that can be used to determine whether to hire or purchase more equipment.

KPIs bring simplicity. They condense reports for financial and business operations into metrics that bring clarity around those operations. Rather than trying to understand all of the complexities of those operations, a KPI can quickly convey a valuable meaning.

Finally, KPIs bring boundaries for when to adjust the business. Most KPIs have ranges of when something is good or bad. With the utilization example, employees who are grossly over or underutilized can give indication where adjustments should be made and when to be concerned with burnout or lack of income.

To obtain KPI benefits, it takes time and expertise to identify and condense data. Our experts help businesses develop, implement, and use KPIs.

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