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Last week was the first time bringing the entire company together for our LedgerGurus 2018 Kickoff. It was quite a gathering with 35+ employees gathered in one place, driving or flying in from five different states. The venue was a beautiful meeting room inside the new Hale Center Theatre in Sandy. It was wonderful to meet each other face-to-face for a day of collaborating, training, connecting and learning. We also enjoyed dinner together and teambuilding/strategizing/trashtalking at GetOut Games downtown Salt Lake City that evening.

The founder, Brittany Brown, stated: “It was such a great experience to bring everyone together. I feel like we achieved our goal of sharing our Vision, Connecting with each other, and setting Direction for our ongoing success. I will cherish the memory of the day and our picture of the team on the staircase. 4 years ago, LedgerGurus was just an idea, a year later it was a few people trying to figure out what to do and who to serve, and now we’re 35+ strong and growing. We hope to have more days like today in the future.”