Paycheck Protection Program

$10 million maximum loan for small businesses impacted by COVID-19 (a no-brainer)

  • Business needs to be in operation before February 15, 2020
  • 2.5x the average total monthly payroll costs with some exclusions (for businesses in operation before 2020)
  • 2.5x the average total monthly payroll costs incurred in January and February 2020 with some exclusions (for businesses in operation after 2019)
  • Portions of loan are forgivable (basically free money)
  • For portions that aren’t forgivable:
    • Max of 2 years and 1% interest 
    • 2-year term 
    • No fees, collateral, or personal guarantees 
    • Payments can be deferred 6-12 months
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A Bit About LedgerGurus

LedgerGurus was founded in 2014 by Brittany Brown, an accountant and former CFO. We have quickly grown to 40+ employees as a remote accounting company. We are 100% virtual, as all our employees work from home. This gives us access to THE BEST accounting gurus across the nation.

After noticing the unique challenges of ecommerce accounting, we built specialty teams around these challenges and have quickly become industry leaders in ecommerce accounting. When you go with LedgerGurus, you are getting an ecommerce accounting department with experts in multiple areas. We provide solutions such as sales channel accounting, payment processor reconciliations, online sales tax, inventory and COGS accounting, and more.  

LedgerGurus also serves industries other than ecommerce.

LedgerGurus is passionate about helping businesses succeed by providing clear, accurate financials to aid in business decisions. We truly believe in playing an integral part in the success of our clients.

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