The Uncomplicated Truth About Sales Tax

for Your eCommerce Business

Get a Sales Tax Roadmap Made Simple!

Are you an ecommerce seller feeling the pain of sales tax?

Have you heard that it can burn down your business and been told you MUST deal with it, but you have no idea where to start?!?

We admit that ecommerce sales tax is complicated, but it IS also manageable if you know the steps to take.

Because we want to help as many ecommerce businesses as possible navigate the complexities of sales tax, Brittany Brown, CEO of Ledgergurus (eCommerce accounting experts) and Kexin Smith, Head of Sales Tax Research & Consulting for LedgerGurus, will cover the following in this on-demand webinar:

  • Who is responsible for sales tax – Who is on or off the hook with this? 
  • Determining which states you need to worry about for sales tax – So THAT’S what nexus is about!
  • What you need to get registered, collect & remit – Yes, it’s different in every state!
  • 3 things you absolutely SHOULD NOT DO when self-managing sales tax – So you can stay of jail (seriously!) and keep from creating a massive mess that you’ll have to get out of later!
  • And get a free nexus analysis checklistso you can do all this yourself!

Brittany & Kexin will break sales tax compliance down for you & make it simple. Watch the webinar to get the roadmap you need for success.

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