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Small business is the heart of the American economy and often discussed in media and politics. Here is our 2 cents for why small businesses matter and why we are passionate about serving them.

Small Business = American Dream

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that starting or being a part of a small business stems from the American Dream. This country has always had the feeling that anyone could make something from nothing regardless of background. We admire all those small businesses and their employees (LedgerGurus included) who embody this spirit of building something. Small businesses are the vanguards of the American dream whether they are the tech startup, the local restaurant with great food, or anyone with a great idea. In the words of AC\DC, “…We Salute You”.

 Every Business Is or Was a Small Business

We idolize large businesses who deliver great products or. For those large businesses, their founding stories are often legendary and retold with enthusiasm of what can be. Their success and origins might be in part a reflection of that American Dream and our hope to succeed against great odds. Every large business started in a garage, a coffee shop, a living room, or somewhere other than a big glass building with fancy furniture and catering. Whether a small business becomes large or not, the optimism and hope for greatness is infectious and renewing.

Small Business is Underserved

I once had an executive at one of my previous jobs tell me why he didn’t want to pursue small business customers. They don’t bring in a lot of revenue and can be difficult to serve. Small businesses can be one of the most underserved segments for these reasons. Here at LedgerGurus, we decided to focus our services on small business despite these challenges. Sure, they are crazy with success or crazily teetering on the edge of viability, but this craziness is also exciting. They need help more than big businesses with their bottomless bank accounts. It’s that opportunity to help small business succeed that keeps us going every day. In celebration of Small Business Week 2017, we say go buy something from a small business this week and keep the dream alive!