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Have you been inspired to start your own nonprofit? Whether you want to help animals, people, or the planet, running a nonprofit is a very fulfilling venture. If you care about a cause, starting a nonprofit will enable you to make a real difference. Of course, launching a nonprofit requires a lot of planning, organization, and networking. 

To help you navigate the complicated steps ahead and turn your dream into a reality, we’ve assembled some great resources below! 

Your Legal Obligations 

The process of forming a nonprofit is lengthy and complex. The resources below can help you get your bearings, but it may be a good idea to seek professional legal advice to ensure you’re doing everything right. 

Choose a legal name for your new nonprofit. 

Building a Business Plan 

Writing up a business plan will help you establish the steps you need to take to achieve your nonprofit goals. Your business plan will also come in useful when applying for loans or seeking board members to join your nonprofit. 

Determine exactly what services and programs you will provide and how these will meet an unmet need. 

  • If you’re launching a nonprofit ecommerce store, not only will you need to familiarize yourself with the ecommerce industry, but you’ll likely need expert accounting help 
  • Research your nonprofit idea and find out who your competitors are. 
  • Collect information about startup expenses and anticipated operating costs. 
  • Outline your nonprofit mission statement and establish your goals as milestones. 
  • Include a marketing plan to outline how you intend to reach your goals. 
  • If your business acumen could use a boost, consider enrolling in an online degree program to build the necessary knowledge and skills to lead a successful nonprofit. 

While starting a nonprofit is a lot of work, it’s well worth it! Few things are more rewarding than witnessing your nonprofit improve the lives of the people or animals you intend to help. Get your nonprofit underway today so you can start making a difference as soon as possible! 

Guest post by Amy Collett, Photo via Pexels