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QuickBooks Online Setup

QuickBooks Online Configuration

Configure QuickBooks Online for maximum efficiency.

Connected Accounts

QuickBooks Online enables connections with your bank and credit cards so you can constantly update your transactions. No need to wait until your statement comes at the end of the month and less data entry. LedgerGurus will configure QuickBooks Online with your accounts for streamlined bookkeeping.

Account statements
Accounting Apps

App Integration

QuickBooks Online is a platform with integration to other accounting Apps so your financial information is connected and you don’t have to waste time duplicating your work by having to input the same information in more than one place. LedgerGurus can configure QuickBooks Online with other financial apps to achieve this seamless flow of information.


LedgerGurus can optimize QuickBooks Online for the financial processes of your business. This can include invoice templates to speed up the time to get paid or properly setting up assets for tax depreciation or accurately recording owner equity. These are a few examples of how a proper QuickBooks Online configuration in the beginning can save time and money later.


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