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Expense reports suck, but Expensify minimizes the suck by reducing the time to create, submit, approve and reimburse.

Easy and Robust Expenses

We have worked with a lot of expense management solutions and Expensify is one of the best with mobile receipt scanning, email receipt forwarding, OCR, all with easy to use web or mobile access. We love Expensify and think you will too.

Expensify Approved Partner

LedgerGurus is an ExpensifyApproved! Partner allowing us to resell Expensify at a discount to our customers. We are also certified and experienced so we can help you maximize Expensify in your business.

Accounting Integration

We have experience integrating Expensify with accounting software such as QuickBooks Online so the right information automatically flows into your books without duplicate data entry.

Expense Management Process

LedgerGurus combines our expertise in Expensify to implement an efficient, control-enabled, and timely expense management process. With this combination of technology and process, expenses management can move from a necessary burden to a strategic practice for your business.

Evolve Your Expense Management with Expensify and LedgerGurus

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