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We believe that finances are the heartbeat of every company and should be a major driver behind the decisions they make. Quality finances start with good accounting. That’s where LedgerGurus comes into play.
We have been relieving small- to medium-sized businesses of the burden of accounting since 2014. During this time we’ve built a team of 45+ accountants and bookkeepers that are there for our clients every single day.
Early on, we noticed the unique aspects of ecommerce accounting and decided to become highly specialized in this area. To do so, we have built separate teams that handle areas such as inventory and COGS, online sales tax, and sales channel bookkeeping. These teams have helped ecommerce businesses grow and become more profitable. Learn more about our ecommerce accounting here.
Accounting software and apps are also key to our success in helping customers. Using the best technology is no easy task with all the integrations, settings, and constant changes. We combine our accounting expertise while using the best accounting technology to provide businesses with accurate financials.
Small- and medium-sized businesses make a huge difference in the world we live in. We find true joy in being a part of  that difference by joining in on our customers’ success stories.

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“LedgerGurus frees us up to focus on what we’re good at, because we know LedgerGurus is focusing on what they’re good at.”


– Clint Betts (Executive Director, Silicon Slopes)

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