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LedgerGurus is a virtual, outsourced accounting firm driven to help businesses increase revenues and profits through specialized and affordable full-service accounting.

Enable Real Growth

You’re not in business to be a bookkeeper or accountant – so why are you spending so much time on accounting? Our goal is to help businesses achieve profitable growth by maturing the finances to become a strategic part of the business. From the basics to advanced financial practices, our services cover four areas:
  • Offload Accounting Essentials such as payroll, invoicing, bill pay and more.
  • Simplify Financial Fundamentals like bookkeeping, expense management, etc..
  • Gain Business Insights through financial statement analysis, managerial accounting reports, and tracking key performance indicators.
  • Plan Profitable Growth with budgeting, forecasting, and other advanced financials practices.
Our approach is a combination of people and technologies. We relieve businesses of accounting headaches with a team of experts able to provide a range of services at a fraction of the price of in house accounting professionals. Each of our teams are managed by Certified Public Accountants to provide oversight and review of the services we provide. Finally, we are committed to using industry leading and modern accounting technologies.
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What People Are Saying

LedgerGurus having so much experience in ecommerce has been really helpful. They understand the basic lingo of the things we need and where we’re coming from yet they can see the bigger picture. They always let us know what we should really target.

I would most definitely recommend LedgerGurus. The #1 thing for me is their response time. If I have a question or a concern or any type of communication, I hear from one of their team members almost immediately. It’s amazing. I just feel like they honestly care about everything we are doing here.

Summer HarrisBaby Bling

The growth of Silicon Slopes since we started using LedgerGurus has been exponential. Since they took over our accounting, it has allowed us to free ourselves of a lot of challenges that no one here at the organization is really built to handle. It allows us to organize our events, focus on our media, our ventures, and really focus on rallying the community to serve and give back.

Clint BettsSilicon Slopes

Accounting Technologies

Beneath all of our services is a commitment to support and leverage modern accounting technologies that form the underpinning of businesses. We can jump in with the accounting technologies you are using today and help you maximize the value of your investments to drive more insights and efficiencies into your business.