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LedgerGurus specializes in ecommerce accounting services for US-based businesses.
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Customer Testimonials

“When I was doing the accounting myself, it was super manual…LedgerGurus brings all sorts of different pieces of technology…that really helped us automate a lot of the tasks…and be more clean.”

-Josh Robbins

“If I have a question or a concern…I hear from one of their team members almost immediately. It’s amazing. I just feel like they honestly care about everything we are doing here.”

-Summer Harris

“Since LedgerGurus took over our accounting, it has allowed us to free ourselves of a lot of challenges that no one here at the organization is really built to handle.”

-Clint Betts

“I really needed my time back. We hired LedgerGurus to come in and be the experts…saving me 15-20 hours/week.”

-Kyle Verzello

Other brands that have chosen LedgerGurus:
Other brands that have chosen LedgerGurus:

Our Gurus

Teams of experienced CPA’s and CMA’s from the public and private sector. Trained, certified, and experienced in cloud-based accounting solutions and working 100% virtual (yes, we all work from home…at your service 24/7).


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