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eCommerce Accounting with LedgerGurus


“We hired LedgerGurus to bring in accounting expertise at an incremental cost. We couldn’t afford a full-time accountant and we really needed the guidance and expertise that LedgerGurus could provide. Getting my time back to pursue other aspects of our business was the biggest bonus of hiring LedgerGurus.

Since we engaged with LedgerGurus, we’ve been able to 4X the company in terms of revenue. Our accounting has become more complex as we have grown and LedgerGurus scaled with us through that growth.”

Kyle Verzello
CEO, Lume Technologies

LedgerGurus Results

LedgerGurus enabled Lume to grow quickly by providing quality services in accounts payable/receivable, expense management, financial tracking and review, budget preparation, sales contract preparation, team coordination, and merchant management. This included the daily tracking of sales and expenses, billing customers for services performed, coordinating services with specialty teams (customer service, technical support, service delivery, collections, subcontractors, etc.).
LedgerGurus effectively managed all aspects of sales orders and tracking. LedgerGurus also personally interacted with Lume vendors and customers to ensure accounting services were in congruence with contracts, timelines, services received, and timely receipt of payments.
The LedgerGurus team prepared all financial documents relating to budget and cash-flow analysis. Merchant subscriptions and any special financial projects were coordinated by the LedgerGurus finance team.

Lume Technologies Background

Lume Technologies provides Private Cloud, Data Center, and Hybrid Infrastructure Solutions. Utilizing a global network and data center footprint, they provide solutions for companies that need help getting to the cloud or improving their existing cloud infrastructure.
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