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A list of the best ecommerce podcasts related to finance

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Here at LedgerGurus, we are experts in ecommerce accounting. To stay sharp and to curate our weekly newsletter that pulls together and summarizes important ecommerce and business news (subscribe by filling out the form to the right), I am constantly reading news articles and listening to podcasts.

Being that our focus is ecommerce accounting, I’m always on the lookout for ecommerce podcasts with financial insights.

The challenge is that:

  1. There are many podcasts that talk about finance and accounting, but they focus on financial professionals. There aren’t any that focus on ecommerce (with one exception).
  2. Most podcasts dedicated to ecommerce focus on marketing or business success stories because most sellers care about selling more product. These podcasts are produced by agencies, owners, and business interviewers and only cover financial insights from time to time.

That said, I have come up with a list of the best ecommerce podcasts for financial insights.

Without further ado, here is the list.

Best Ecommerce Podcasts for Financial Insights

Rather than rank them, I’m listing them in alphabetical order:

The Best Ecommerce Accounting Podcasts in a Bit More Detail

What follows is a description of the top ecommerce podcasts with financial insights. For each podcast, I’ve listed the podcast background, financial content you can expect to hear, and favorite episodes.

The EcomCrew Podcast


The EcomCrew Podcast is one of the longest running ecommerce podcasts with hundreds of episodes going back to 2015.

The hosts Mike Jackness and Dave Bryant are experienced ecommerce business owners in addition to running EcomCrew which provides content, course and masterminds for online stores.

They are focused on Amazon, and go deep on Amazon-related topics.

Financial Content:

EcomCrew dives into financial topics on a regular basis, usually related to Amazon. For Amazon sellers, this is a must listen.

Favorite Episode(s):


eCommerce Evolution


The eCommerce Evolution podcast is hosted by Brett Curry, CEO of OMG Commerce. Most episodes are interview with experts and brand professionals. As OMG Commerce is a marketing agency, the content is heavily focused on marketing and sales.

Financial Content:

Many episodes discuss marketing and revenue strategy, but that are some great discussions on specific financial topics from time to time.

Favorite Episode(s):


eCommerce Fuel


eCommerce Fuel is a private community for 7 and 8 figure sellers.

They have a great podcast hosted by eCommerce Fuel’s founder Andrew Youderian. His background in investment banking, starting and selling ecommerce stores, and managing the community makes for rich insights.

Financial Content:

The content varies but will steer from time to time to financial discussions. These discussions are often with other experts and tend to be detailed and worth every listening minute.

Andrew’s experiences make him a savvy host, and he brings in guests that provide deep value.

Favorite Episode(s):


eCommerce Playbook


This podcast is hosted by Taylor Holiday & Richard Gaffin from Common Thread Collective (CTC), a marketing agency that focuses on larger ecommerce brands. They also own a brand, and bring insights and details from operating it.

There are regular guests that bring real world insights and experiences.

Financial Content:

I really love the way Taylor and CTC think about marketing through a financials lens. I don’t see many agencies thinking as holistically as they do, and their insights are awesome.

Favorite Episode(s):


How I Built This


This is a top-rated podcast hosted by NPR journalist Guy Raz, in which each episode walks through the journey of different businesses. It’s usually an interview with the founder(s), exploring the founder’s background, the origins of their business, and the journey/lessons therein.

Not all episodes are ecommerce. Most brands are large and/or legendary. And there are many ecommerce or consumer product businesses highlighted in various episodes.

The production quality is high, and the storytelling is fantastic with great narratives on an assortment of businesses including some legends of ecommerce.

Financial Content:

This podcast, being more of a narrative journey of a founder and business, hits on a variety of points, with financial insights laced in most episodes. You get high-level insights and principles versus detailed recommendations.

Favorite Episode(s):


The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast


Steve Chou is the host of this podcast. He has deep roots in ecommerce, being the:

The content is a reflection of Steve’s diverse experience with a wide range of topics delivered by Steve or in interview format.

Guests include brand owners and experts.

Financial Content:

I love that this podcast covers a wide range of topics, and that is reflected in episodes with a financial angle.

Favorite Episode(s):


Return On Podcast


This podcast is hosted by Tyler Jefcoat, CEO of Seller Accountant. Seller Accountant, like LedgerGurus, provides outsourced accounting or Client Accounting Services (CAS) to ecommerce businesses.

Episodes can be a micro-education on financial topics (most people can’t handle heavy doses of finance) and longer interviews with industry experts.

Tyler also discusses business strategy, planning, and topics of that nature.

Tyler is also a personal friend with whom we chat regularly.

Financial Content:

Because of Tyler’s background, this content is heavily financial in nature.

Favorite Episode(s):


Secrets to Scaling Your Ecommerce Brand


This podcast is hosted by Jordan West, CEO of Upgrowth Commerce.

Upgrowth is a marketing agency focused on ecommerce, so the content focuses heavily on sales and marketing. It is a mix of interviews and Jordan talking about topics.

I appreciate the brevity of this podcast with Jordan’s solo episodes. He gets to the point and done.

Financial Content:

The financial content leans towards marketing for the most part, but Jordan will go deep on topics that have nothing to do with marketing, like Profit First, lending, etc.

Favorite Episode(s):

Missing Recommendations

There are a lot of podcasts out there. Are there any that I missed?

Hit up LedgerGurus on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter (X), and give us your podcast recommendations that aren’t on this list.

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