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Inventory Forecasting Template

Download our Inventory Forecasting Template.

Inventory stock out is a serious problem for ecommerce businesses, but so is overstocking!

Too much? Too little? Too late? Too hard!!

Add on to that:

  • The long lead times from ordering overseas
  • Multiple products sourced from multiple vendors
  • Seasonal variability of sales
  • The current environment of shortages
  • The allure of better prices if you place bigger orders…

Ahhhhhhh!!!  Is your head spinning yet!?!

LedgerGurus is here to help!

Inventory forecasting is no joke, but we can at least help you take action.

We can’t give you the crystal ball you really need to make all these decisions, but we can give you the template we use ourselves for doing the forecasting for our own ecommerce brand.

This template will help you think through sales forecasting and forecast the consumption of inventory through sales. This as well as other uses, like marketing or disposal, considering lead times, and calculating the costs of placing orders.

It will help you:

  • Track when you are likely to run out of inventory based on typical scenarios
  • See the stock effect of placing orders
  • Determine when those orders should be placed
  • Accurately guess when that inventory is likely to arrive

And one more thing…

Most importantly, this template comes with an explanation on how to use it.

Can I get a “HECK YEAH!!”

I don’t know about you but nothing is worse to me than a beautiful spreadsheet that I have no idea how to use.  We will break it down, show you how it works, point out to you where to start, and help you understand how to adapt it to your needs.

All of this for free! Can you believe it? Why would we do that?

For one thing, we genuinely care, and for another thing, we are genuinely hoping you will come and work with us when you grow big enough to need that.

Here’s to seeing you soon!

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