Download the Inventory Management System Implementation Checklist

You’ve decided to bite the bullet and implement an inventory management system (IMS)?  

First, allow us to congratulate you on this monumental step towards operational maturity and scalability 

Second, let us offer our solidarity, as well, as you embark on this learning curve.

It will be worth it if you put forth the effort to get your data right and implement good processes around inventory management and control.  

Inventory is your most important asset besides your cash. 

But, if you’re like most product-based businesses, you have more inventory than cash. Am I right??!! 

So, understanding where that inventory is, what’s on order, what’s been sold, and what it’s worth is super critical to everything you do. 

But you already know that.  We’re preaching to the choir here.

It’s time to get that IMS up and running, for your own peace of mind. 

Whether you are planning on implementing it yourself or hiring someone else to do it (Pick us! Pick us!), you are probably wondering: 

  • What will this process look like? 
  • What will the steps be? 
  • Where should you start? 
  • Have you considered everything? 
  • What should you do next? 

This resource is designed to provide you with a roadmap of how to get the IMS up and working for your benefit.  It will walk you through what we consider to be the core phases of implementation: 

  1. Getting the structure in place
  2. Getting all products / SKUs in
  3. Setting up all the integrations
  4. Learning how to use the tool
  5. Establishing beginning stock levels
  6. Going live
  7. Post go-live training and data validation 

Though not for the faint-hearted, many have come before you and succeeded. Also, know that this process only gets more daunting as you get larger, and your complexity and volume grows. Do not delay the start of this because you think it might be easier later. 

It won’t. 

We’re here for you. God speed.

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