Use an eCommerce Exit Checklist to Cover All Your Bases

Download your Preparing Early for an eCommerce Exit: Checklist of What to Do Now

It’s never too early and never too late to start preparing your eCommerce business for an exit. How can you increase the value of your business? What will buyers care about?

LedgerGurus is here to help!

This overview that we created with our partner Premara Group serves as a checklist to give you actionable items to preparing now for an exit. We are confident that it will also help you maximize business performance no matter what stage you are in. The checklist dives into the following:

  • Is your ownership aligned on your exit plan?
  • Do you have the correct legal and organizational structures in place?
  • Do you have reliable financials?
  • Are you tracking and optimizing key financial and business performance indicators?
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