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Brittany’s story, from single mom to CEO, is part of the journey of how LedgerGurus was founded. We can’t think of a better way to launch our blog than to highlight this journey.

Single Mom

At 26, Brittany found herself divorced, with 3 young children, and only an Associate’s Degree. Rather than let difficult circumstances get her down, she went back to Utah Valley University (UVU) to pursue a degree in marketing. After her first accounting class, she decided to switch to accounting, setting the course for her future.

One year into UVU, she realized that if she was going to be an accountant, she should get the best education. With that goal, she transferred to Brigham Young University (BYU) with their top ranked accounting program. Once at BYU, a Bachelor’s Degree wasn’t enough and she decided to also pursue a Master’s Degree of Accounting. At BYU, Brittany had to deal with an intense and highly competitive program while raising her 3 children. Her skill for managing challenges was key to getting LedgerGurus off the ground years later.


Brittany’s accounting experience involved working at KPMG, independent bookkeeping, Squire, and working as a CFO for a local construction company. In 2014, Brittany saw a need to provide great accounting to small businesses and founded LedgerGurus. The combination of Brittany’s work and life experience were critical in defining LedgerGurus mission (more on that to come). If you haven’t met Brittany, she has tremendous love for others, unstoppable drive towards big objectives, care for the underdogs, and a willingness to learn. Brittany’s qualities are infused into LedgerGurus resulting in a great team, great customers, and a great mission. We’ll discuss more of the founding story and other stories related to our journey in future articles. We hope you will join us for the ride!