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Keeping on top of outstanding invoices can be a burden. We can free you from keeping track of what’s due.


Collecting on outstanding invoices can be automated so payments are received without great hassle.


By using modern solutions, we can facilitate electronic payment making it easy for customers to pay you on time.

Collections Details

You made the big sell, the invoice is sent, but the money hasn’t been received. Often your customer has simply forgotten to pay you and now you need to remind/harass them to pay you. Keeping track of unpaid invoices, communicating with the customer, and ensuring payment can be one of those painful accounting processes that most businesses dread. “Can’t I just spend my time selling and running the business?” you ask. With LedgerGurus, the answer is yes.

We will make sure your accounts receivable or outstanding invoices are tracked using major accounting platforms like QuickBooks Online or related specialized solutions. As invoices age, we can automate communications to your customers so they pay you quickly. Finally, we will use the best solutions to facilitate easy payments so customers can pay on time without a lot of hassle.

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