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With our services, rest assured that you are sales tax compliant and won’t be receiving any penalty fees.


LedgerGurus automates much of the process so you have accurate, up-to-date information.


Offload to LedgerGurus, so you can spend time growing your business!

Do you know in what states you owe sales tax?

Understanding nexus (where you owe sales tax), is the first step to being compliant. This step is complex due to differing and changing state laws. Because of the Supreme Court ruling of the South Dakota v. Wayfair case, it is even more complex if you have online sales. LedgerGurus will ensure you are up-to-date in understanding where you have nexus.

Economic Nexus by State

Are you registered in the necessary states?

When your business establishes nexus in a state, the first step is to register your business with that state. This should be done before collecting sales tax. In fact, it is illegal to collect taxes from customers in states where you are not registered. Let LedgerGurus handle the registration.

Are you collecting the right amount of sales tax from your customers?

As you sell, you need to charge the right amount of sales tax to customers and reserve those funds for filing to the states. LedgerGurus helps you automate the collection of taxes on your sales channels and develop processes to reserve these funds.

Ecommerce sales tax
sales tax deadlines

Are you filing and paying on time?

The hassle of filing and paying in each state where you have nexus can be an annual, quarterly, or monthly process. And remember, you may be liable in multiple states! LedgerGurus takes care of this process.

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