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We are excited to announce LedgerGurus has acquired the implementation and consulting practice from Woodard™

With this acquisition, LedgerGurus will be picking up:

  • Woodard’s inventory implementation and consulting team
  • Transition supporting of the Cin7 implementation partners
  • Ongoing support of Cin7 customer implementations

Brittany Brown, our CEO, interviewed John Bottoms, our new Senior Manager over Inventory Consulting, and they discussed the ways this change will benefit LedgerGurus clients.

Transition Overview 

By leveraging LedgerGurus’ extensive expertise in inventory and ecommerce accounting, Woodard™ is transitioning their support program to a company well-suited to support Cin7 consultants  – as well as any inventory-focused accounting or bookkeeping practice. 

The newly formed team at LedgerGurus aims to offer various additional programs, such as:

  • Specialized knowledge on multiple inventory management systems
  • Warehouse and workflow consulting
  • Manufacturing consulting
  • Implementation copiloting
  • Business efficiency consulting

We are building a powerful program that combines the extensive inventory and ecommerce accounting expertise of LedgerGurus with the Inventory Operations and Software expertise of the Woodard team.

This program is designed to support the entire inventory spectrum, from inventory-based businesses to inventory accounting/bookkeeping professionals and the partner software and solutions ecosystem.

Woodard will work alongside LedgerGurus to ensure a smooth transition of the existing support plan subscribers from Woodard to LedgerGurus. The existing subscribers will continue to work alongside the same team during and after the transition, including John Bottoms, Susan Greer and Joe Tobin.

This team will fold into LedgerGurus’ professional group to enhance the firm’s robust slate of bookkeeping, consulting and advisory expertise. 

We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and providing exceptional support throughout this exciting venture.  

Existing Cin7 Partners from Woodard 

LedgerGurus will be contacting existing Cin7 partners who worked with Woodard to provide updated programs to support them with their Cin7 implementations. 

LedgerGurus has a long history of enabling other service providers as has been seen in the LedgerGurus YouTube channel, Sales Tax Premium course, and years of speaking at various conferences.   

LedgerGurus Customers 

With this new team, LedgerGurus intends to expand inventory management system implementation and consulting offerings to existing and new customers.

The new team brings decades of industry-leading inventory management experience which will benefit customers of various sizes and industries.

The LedgerGurus – Woodard Connection 

LedgerGurus has a long history with Woodard, going back to 2014 with our founding.

It was at Woodard’s Scaling New Heights Conference in 2014 where I was inspired to start what became LedgerGurus. For many years, we have grown our relationship with Joe Woodard and the rest of the Woodard team. – Brittany Brown, LedgerGurus CEO and founder

LedgerGurus has invested in better serving ecommerce businesses by developing an inventory management system implementation practice.

In the past year, we engaged with Woodard’s Cin7 implementation partner support program.

When the opportunity to transition the inventory implementation team and accompanying programs came up, we were excited by the opportunity. This will allow LedgerGurus to accelerate our capabilities around inventory management, while expanding to support other implementers in the market.

There is a big need for companies to have modern inventory management systems, and we believe this move will help us and our partners better support them. – Ibid

About Woodard 

Woodard exists to transform business advisors to radically impact the way businesses operate. Each business unit of Woodard serves to educate, support, and connect accounting professionals throughout North America and, increasingly, throughout the world.

Led by Joe Woodard, CEO, these business units are the pillars by which Woodard operates: Education, Coaching, Resources and Community. 

About LedgerGurus 

At LedgerGurus, we believe that finances are the heartbeat of every ecommerce business and should be a major driving point behind the decisions they make. Quality finances start with good accounting. That’s where LedgerGurus comes into play. 

Reach out to us if you need help with your inventory needs. Our teams are also specialized to handle areas such as ecommerce accounting and online sales tax.

We combine our accounting and technology expertise with the best technology to provide businesses with accurate financials and better business operations. Our mission to our customers is to help them to attain profitable growth and achieve their dreams.